What’s New?

12/6 - Start and Finish have moved to in front of the Templo de Debod

12/4 - Registration for Terry Fox Madrid is open!

8/4 - Read up on your Canadian knowledge! Almost 24 hours until our quiz night!

7/4 - We are hoping to have a link confirmed for pre-orders of the Terry Fox Madrid 2024 shirt, both in cotton and technical before Wednesday’s All-Canada Quiz. Please check back here or on the SHOP page.

5/4 - For more information on Malasaña Trivia Mafia’s All-Canada Quiz, please go to this MTM's Instagram account.

2/4/2023 - Terry Fox Madrid & Malasaña Trivia Mafia are hosting an All-Canada Quiz to raise money for cancer research in Spain. The buy-in is THREE (3) Euros, with TWO (2) Euros going to cancer research—expanded number of categories and questions.

Also, TFM registration and shirt pre-orders will be happening Wednesday night.